which drone is best the skydio r2 or the mavick 2 pro today I’m gonna attempt
to answer that question for you by breaking down the differences between
these two drones so that you can decide which one of these two great drones
might best fit your needs there’s going to be a lot of footage from both of
these drones in this video hope you’re doing well my name is Jake Sloan and
I’m a Content here on YouTube for solo creators people like me who are out
there shooting by themselves a lot especially people who are on the go and
mobile quite a bit and so I do reviews of equipment that makes the process
easier I need tips and tutorials on how to use that equipment and tips and
tutorials on how to take your photography and your videography up to
the next level so that you can get out there and get seen it hurt just in case
you’re wondering I bought both these drones neither of these were sent to me
and so this is my very unbiased opinion about the strengths and weaknesses of
each one of these drones because drones are something that I use pretty much in
every shoot that I go and do in one way or another let’s start out by talking
about the strengths of each one of these drones even though they are clearly
aimed at different segments of the market one is super autonomous whereas
the other is more of a excellent drone with some intelligent things but is
built and meant to be more flown by you and with you making the main decisions
starting off with the Mavic 2 Pro this drone has been in my bag since it was
released a year and a half ago every single day on every trip I’ve gone on
and has been fantastic this drone will fly for up to 30 minutes is what DJI
says but let’s be honest 24 to maybe 25 minutes is more accurate this drone
rather than being rated to 32 degrees or 0 Celsius will and is ready to go down
to minus 10 which is fantastic because that means it can handle colder weather
another thing that’s amazing about this drone is the range and the signal link
quality I have never had dropouts with this thing even when I’ve been flying in
dense forests or in ice caves the connection to this drone has always
remained rock solid and the downlink quality for the video feed has been
incredible something else that made this drone a great drone for me for the last
year and a half is the fact that it is so compact and foldable which means you
can fit it into a camera bag slot that is relatively small
tiny because it folds down to a really small compact size and add about two
pounds of weight with a battery it’s really not that heavy and so it makes it
one of the best portable drones on the market not to mention the fact that this
thing gets great image quality because it has a one inch sensor which is the
largest sensor currently available on a consumer drone and so that’s fantastic
because it works better at low light but it also captures great still images that
are 20 megapixels each and then being the fact that it has a variable aperture
makes it really versatile in a lot more situations one of the other things
that’s fantastic about the maverick 2 pro is the fact that it has obstacle
avoidance from the front the rear the top the bottom and the sides although
the side obstacle avoidance is only active during intelligent flight modes
but the obstacle avoidance from the front and the rear and the top of the
bottom is actually very good and one of the great things too is that DJI has
done a phenomenal job of implementing intelligent flight modes and active
track which means the drone intelligently finds you you can tap on
yourself and have it track you automatically from a few different
flight modes and then we come to the controller of the maverick 2 Pro not
only does it fold down to be a very compact size but it also features this
screen which is excellent because it gives you all kinds of data about where
your drone is which direction it’s flying how fast it’s flying how high
it’s flying what the RPMs of the motor are and what the status of your battery
is when you plug in a phone of course you can see out of the camera of the
drone which is amazing and the remote controller will now charge your phone
while you’re flying is amazing for somebody like me who’s out shooting in
the winter and the cold alot which is not good for phones because they don’t
like cold and their batteries die insanely fast on to the sky dor – I’ve
been playing with this drone for the last few days and I have to say overall
I’m really impressed the potential and what this drone is capable of is amazing
so let’s talk about some of the strengths of this drone first off this
thing has the most intelligent obstacle avoidance flight system of any drone on
the market absolutely period barn
it is amazing other strengths that I was really surprised at is the image quality
the video quality coming out of this camera is excellent and actually I think
it’s pretty much on par with the Maverick tube Pro which is surprising
considering that it doesn’t have a one inch sensor but it does get really
really good image quality and you can go up to 4k 60 the still photos are good
and you can’t shoot raw still photos but they’re limited to about 15 megapixels


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