Chris Newman Compares The Mavic Mini vs Mavic Air


hey what’s up guys how’s it going this is Chris Newman with drone pro and today we’re gonna be putting the Mavic mini vs mavic air to help you decide which series you should invest in and the reason that
we’re comparing them is because a ton of people are wondering if the newer
cheaper mavic mini is good enough for the price point compared to the Mavic
air but specifically I wanted to know if I could get good cinematic shots with
the Maverick mini now before we start just know that I was not given these
Jones by DJI or anybody else to review so this is a completely unbiased
comparison okay the first thing we talk about is the price the Mavic mini stand
alone cost about 399 and the fly more combo which comes with two extra
batteries a triple charger prop guards and carrying bag come in at 499 the
Mavic air comes in at 919 stand alone in the fly war combo cost 1149 so the Mavic
mini easily wins on price okay next up is weight and size the Mavic air weighs
in at 430 grams and the Mavic mini weighs in a staggering 249 grams that’s
nothing that means that according to the FAA it does not need to be registered
with them so is a huge plus and another win for the Mavic mini next up is flight
time the Mavic air is rated at 21 minutes whereas the Mavic mini comes at
a mind-blowing 30 minutes at sea level during our tests we flew in the
mountains at 6,800 feet above sea level and the Mavic air needed to come down
for fresh batteries a lot more often than the Mavic mini did so I’d say this
is a huge win for the Mavic mini okay guys next up is top speed the Mavic airs
top speed in sport mode at sea level in zero mile an hour wind conditions is
ready to forty two point five miles an hour


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